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  • Thinking style with Steven Pinker

    There are many important lessons to be gleaned from Steven Pinker’s book The Sense of Style, and I don’t just mean pointers on usage conventions and grammatical quirks. His book is not only an invaluable resource, it’s also a jolly good read. But you don’t need to read between the lines to get the idea… Read more »

  • Professional policies for freelances

    If you thought that turning freelance meant you could wave goodbye to the corporate world of contracts, policy documents and action plans, think again. Professionals need policies, not least so they can compete on a level playing field with larger organisations, but also to help communicate effectively with clients and to provide clear boundaries to… Read more »

  • Are you a UXer?

    I didn’t know it until yesterday, but yes, I’m a UXer, and if you are a ‘content editor’ – particularly if you specialise in substantive editing and/or rewriting – you may well be one too. Two questions immediately arise: what on earth is a UXer, and why did I write ‘content editor’ rather than the… Read more »

  • Working through the summer

    Working through the summer can be a frustrating business for freelances, torn between the desire to bunk off to the beach with everyone else and the urgent needs of clients. In this post I offer four tried-and-test strategies for keeping your cool through the summer holidays. Which one do you think I am following in… Read more »

  • Website refreshed for spring

    Welcome to my refreshed website. I say ‘refreshed’ rather than ‘redesigned’ because the corporate colours and basic design have remained the same so that I didn’t need to change my stationery too. However, the underlying changes are considerable. The site is now based on the WordPress content management system, instead of being an html site… Read more »

  • Developing a social media policy

    Small businesses and freelances in all industry sectors are frequently urged to ‘get into social media’ to help promote their services and businesses. It can certainly be beneficial, and it can be fun; but if you don’t watch out, it can take over your life. To avoid the pitfalls, you need a social media policy…. Read more »