Website refreshed for spring

Welcome to my refreshed website.

I say ‘refreshed’ rather than ‘redesigned’ because the corporate colours and basic design have remained the same so that I didn’t need to change my stationery too. However, the underlying changes are considerable.

The site is now based on the WordPress content management system, instead of being an html site that I needed to update manually (using Dreamweaver) as I did before. The WordPress system is very easy to use, but I confess that my friendly local design team at Ambrit did the tricky bit of implementing the custom design.

The most important change is the introduction of the blog facility. Because this feeds into each of the three main information pages via the ‘news’ panel on the right, it is an easy way to keep the website content refreshed. That does mean I will need to remember to write something, and that will require a certain amount of discipline.

I’m a deadline fanatic, so the only way to ensure I do update the blog is to treat it like a newsletter or magazine – aim for a specific target readership, set myself a regular deadline and develop a schedule/features list. Coincidentally (or not, in fact), the need for a schedule is discussed in my first ‘proper’ post.

So below is the plan and the features list for the next few months.

Do bookmark/RSS or occasionally revisit. Or follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter if you prefer, where I will post alerts when there is new content here.

Audience and content

Target audience:

  1. Current and potential clients;
  2. Freelance colleagues (especially SfEP members);
  3. Anyone else who is interested in freelance writing, editing and proofreading.

Content to comprise:

  • Feature articles – on a specific theme (one per month; category Feature);
  • Short round-up articles – a compilation of useful bits and pieces, as an aide-memoire for me, but you may find it useful too (weekly/fortnightly; category My week in links);
  • News items – projects/courses completed; availability; competitions and offers; other important announcements (ad hoc; category News).

Features list 2012